Friday, August 1, 2008

Head 2 Head

This weekend is "thee" weekend, as they say. Although it's surprisingly slow, for us!

Even though we've only got two parties happening this weekend, they're good ones: ROOM PARTY goes down at the Boat with guests OPOPO and Tom Croozbeh, while LISP happens down the street at The Beaver with Pat C and CTV News at Noon. Neither of these are to be missed even though they're happening on the same night!

August is proving to be a pretty slow month for us at Friends Explode HQ, though. But I guess that's true for every promoter in this city. For our part, the lack of events doesn't mean a lack of action on any of our parts: The Ossington continues to take shape as THE local to go to between Thursday and Saturday on the Ossington strip, Andrew's working toward a solo show at Magic Pony, the Young Flux boys are preparing for their debut EP to be released (late September!), and Colin and I are getting ready to go back to school.

Keep checking back for more info on all of these things, including two upcoming live showcases as well as the PINNACLE fundraiser at the end of August.

What's Pinnacle, you ask? Only the most inspired design/art magazine to come out of the city in the last few years. It's run by a hell of a bloke and your attendance at his fundraiser should not only be expected but expectedly mandatory. He's the guy responsible for all of the Lost Cats and LISP posters, as well as a lot of the design work for the Ossington. And Pinnacle is a great magazine! Copies are available at This Ain't the Rosedale Library as well as Pages, but the best place to go to get your copy is THE OSSINGTON, on Saturday August 23rd! Check this out:

Anyway! That's all for now. Can't wait to see you at one of our events. New tracks will be posted soon, as well as a new mixtape for your consumption. I haven't been listening to anything but country records lately, so it'll be real nice to get back into some disco and electro tonight. See you soon!!

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