Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last weekend saw the fifth installment of Friendship at the Ossington go down, a night that surprised everyone with the generation of a sweet dancefloor out of nowhere. Dancing to weird tracks from the late 70s and early 80s, everyone smiling, fun times for all. Meanwhile the night before saw the record release for our comp Young Morticians in Love go down surprisingly successfully! Never before have I seen the Press Club so rammed, nor have I sweated so much while standing still. Young Flux brought the electro-jams to close the night, Gardens opened things with a dose of noisy, sloppy postpunk, and Pirate/Rock wowed with their cowboy-inflected garage psych. What a night! Prepare soon for shows with all of these bands, but meanwhile, check out what we've got in store for you this weekend:

It's a double dose of #1 Dad, with new bi-weekly party All Wronged Up kicking off on Friday July 25th, at the Ossington. Expect to hear a blend of songs you'll know and ones you'd never recognize: lots of mellow disco jams, jagged indie-rock anthems and scruffy postpunk. The next night sees Family Affair return to 751 after a six week hiatus, with the addition of special guest Gabe Knox, who'll pull back the clock to sometime in the early 80s, in New York, maybe at the Paradise Garage (?) before #1 Dad pushes it forward to the 21st century again. What fun!

While All Wronged Up goes down, Hi Mom will be putting in some time at the Beaver again, this time with friends-for-live Schramm and the Boner Dragon at Off White. Steve recently got hit by a car and shattered both wrists, so a guest spot's in order - - expect to hear everything from Metro Area to the Plasmatics to Black Flag to Gang of Four to Kid Creole. It's just that kind of night. What kind? A fun kind.

A-and then...
YES! We have another double-header weekend. Lisp takes on Room Party as always, with Pat C and CTV News at Noon completely killing it at the Beaver with lots of shit-pop, remixes, mash-ups, and slutty disco while Hi Mom and guests Tom Croozbeh and OPOPO tear things up with our blend of weird house, postpunk, electro, and total trash at the Boat. If you can't decide between these two parties, come to both! Since they'll both be a whole lot of fun.

And stay tuned for more info! August sees two live showcases taking place, as well as parties in London (Ontario), more fun at the Ossington, and all of our monthly standbys going down. Stay tuned!

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