Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today Has Been A Good Week

Today Has Been A Good Week
This here is a collection of collages done in July 2008. They were partially inspired by a found book of crocheting patterns. It's one of those books from the 70s with ridiculously vivid example plates of psychedelic crochet patterns and amazing worksheets that provide some great textures. Here's an example of some of the stuff:
The book provided enough to do 16 of these! With the option to do more. Find them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22470937@N07/

Not only that but it also provided a nice new obsession to ruminate over: knit pattern books from the early 70s. Add that to a list that also includes vintage Life and Playboy magazines, graphic novels and record shopping with imaginary money. Amazing!

Anyway, in keeping with the "end of winter thaws my creativity and work ethic back to life" vibe that I've been working with all day today, I'm gonna go ahead and say this blog will get more updates than it has in the last six months.

Stay tuned!

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