Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jumping and Shouting.

Big week.

It's NXNE so that means we're kind of going all out on fun stuff to do. Not only are we double booking ourselves (again) on Saturday, with the Family Affair One Year Anniversary and RTRD'D happening at the same time, but we're also kicking things off at the Drake on Thursday with Temptation's NXNE spotlight at the Drake (in the Lounge), with guests Andy Capp and Rod Skimmins. This one serves until 4am, so no matter what, it'll be a good time. Likewise on Friday, Hi Mom will be playing at 751 with Famous Players and Ellie (ex-Camp So-Chill). Two floors, Famous Players downstairs playing booty house and trashy electro, Hi Mom and Ellie upstairs playing disco and postpunk and electro and bangers.

More Info:Has it really been a year? Family Affair has been around for one year. That's a long time. Started at the Queenshead in June 2007 by #1 Dad and Hi Mom, it started out as a postpunk/rap type party and has evolved into a much more electro/disco type of jam. Expect to hear lots of bangers, remixes and weirdo tracks. Special guest Pat C brings the trashy pop and fun house sensibilities up further. Saturday June 14th, 751 Queen West, in the basement.

Here's the deal: we totally dropped the ball last month. No poster, no promo. We barely even remembered to show up. Not this time. This time we got some guest DJs. Colin Gerace and Anthony Cregg, AKA Hi-Dough and Hard Mom, take our places this month and play the best Evil Electro, Booty House, Postpunk, and Bmore Filth. If you want to stop by both parties, the Chelsea Room is just up the street from 751, at 923 Dundas West.

On Friday Hi Mom guests at the Famous Players website launch, also at 751. Adam and Jeff will be in the basement, and Hi Mom and Ellie will be upstairs. No cover!

That's it for the weekend roundup. In the meantime, check out this track:

Kano - Super Extra Sexy Sign
Ignore the cheesy-as-hell title and give the track a spin: pure bizarre electro-disco, circa 1980. There's not much info on these guys, though they recorded between 1980 and 1983. Their breakthrough track "I'm Ready" helped usher in Italo (though it had a much more aggressive, harder edge than a lot of the other Italo stuff coming out around this time) and was also sampled on "Whoomp There It Is" - - I think "Super Extra Sex Sign" is a bit better, the kind of futuristic robot sex boogie that Daft Punk would perfect twenty-five years later.

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